Filistix SUB


This was an unexpected project, the mega food service bully Aramark had ended a cafeteria contract with almost no notice on the U of A campus with our client Filistix, who had already engaged us to build them their first stand alone restaurant downtown. The inconsiderate actions of Aramark left us with only 8 weeks to plan and build a new location.


Project Goals

  • The start of the school year was 8 weeks away, we had to be up and running by then.

  • As the Students Union had graciously offered a retired coffee shop in their building as a solution, we needed to work with what we had.

  • Minimize changes to the existing infrastructure to save time and money as this was an unplanned project.


Retrofit’s Role

Retrofit handled the permitting with the Students Union, and made a plan for logistics working within the U of A campus, and its large, busy population. Every one chipped in for this emergency job, and our staff helped make their now out of work staff productive in helping get open.


Project Highlights

It was a pleasure being back on campus, and the new location happened to be right beside my alma mater building, the Industrial Design department. I got to have lunch with fellow classmates and friends who now worked on campus. It felt like old times!  It was also nice to re-open on time to line-ups of Filistix fans, who got to enjoy their favourite food in a much superior location. Everyone came out ahead, except Aramark...


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