Meet Our Restaurant Contracting Experts

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First and foremost, we are builders and creators. What started out as hobbies in our youth and curiosity in our education has become another chapter in our journey of learning. We all enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to try something new every day. 

Fifteen years of interior construction in the food and beverage industry has given us insight into how to build an efficient and beautifully finished space that will allow your staff to be at their best and impress your customers.

From consulting on the feasibility of a space, to complete project management and execution, we are restaurant contracting experts. 

We'll help you every step of the way to the fulfillment of your aspiration.

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Our Team

A long term investment in practicing the trades, and secondary education in related disciplines, has been the common ground that our team has been built on. Finding others in the design and trades community to collaborate with is the natural extension of this. We constantly challenge each other to improve, and look forward to learning from each new relationship


Randy McCoy

Chief risk taker Randy McCoy started out playing Lego and taking things apart in his father's shop. This eventually turned into a couple years of engineering and a degree from the University of Alberta in Industrial Design. 10 years later this was followed up by an alumni award from the program for co-founding the international award winning furniture manufacturing company Pure Design.


Derek Hagens

Derek Hagens, head project manager, also started out creating in his father's shop on a farm in Southern Alberta. His passion for building led him to the carpentry/cabinet making program at NAIT where he honed his craft. Derek brings his farm-boy work ethic and drive for excellence to the job every day.


Jurgen Mekk

Jurgen Mekk, project manager, is a professional tinkerer. Having also done some time in the U of A's engineering program, he has a passion for building, auto mechanics, and taking care of his older neighbour's homes (often as a volunteer). His exceptional problem solving is invaluable to our teams success.


Kendra Barber

Kendra Barber, our office manager and competitive ballroom dancer, has a long history of keeping construction and manufacturing companies running smoothly. Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep us all in line to offer our customers the best possible service.

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