Fat Franks


Lorne Merrick has been slinging the best franks in the city from wheeled carts for decades. There's not a Whyte Ave bar patron who doesn't know his name. Formally being one of these patrons, I was thrilled to be asked to build the first stand alone restaurant for the Fat Franks franchise, and as luck would have it, they'd be serving beer there as well!


Project Goals

  • Our team would be taking design guidance from Lori Cox, an experienced "fast casual" dining experience professional.

  • Budget management would be key to keep the accessible Fat Franks pricing in tact.

  • An efficient assembly line set-up would need to be put in place to maximize production.


Retrofit’s Role

Budget projection, scheduling, and thrifty design substitutions were key to the success of this project. We found ways to execute the spirit of the design, while maintaining an eye on every dollar spent. Due to the high ceilings and open feeling designed by Lori, we also had to come up with creative solutions to suspend some of the architectural elements without creating obtrusive structural features.


Project Highlights

We discovered some of the difficulties of working on a structural slab here as the new multi unit retail building had been constructed on un-stable soil. The team challenged itself to come up with solutions that could utilize the plumbing left behind by a previous tenant to save time and money.

Lorne let us create a few of our own design touches that are now part of an Edmonton institution, a tribute to one of my favourite childhood foods.

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