Bloom Cookies


Bloom Cookies was an interesting smaller project for a married couple who had created very popular vegan treats in a commercial kitchen they had developed in the basement of their home. They were ready to take their home business to the next level, and we were excited at the opportunity to help them!


Project Goals

  • Transform a former hair salon into two new usable spaces, one for Bloom, and behind it, an expansion prep kitchen for Prairie Noodle.

  • Minimize the amount of plumbing and electrical changes to the existing systems to save costs for the client.

  • Find a way to re-define the occupancy of the space within the building code and permitting system to minimize the build time and red tape.


Retrofit’s Role

Retrofit was tasked with finding ways to save time in a potentially lengthy permitting process due to this being technically three jobs, the last being the demising for the landlord. We consulted the city for the best course of action and found an acceptable solution. We also needed to bring in trades consultants to decide how to best use existing infrastructure, and succeeded in saving quite a bit of money for our clients.

Project Highlights

We had suggested applying for both clients, and the demising for the landlord with one set of permit documents, and the city agreed it was the best course of action. Both clients saved on their jobs having one set of trades doing both spaces, and enjoyed the economy of scale of a larger job, and management costs split two ways.

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